Wake the President (4 stars)

Glasgow School of Art, Saturday 5 May

There seems to be two video cameras and – at least – three photographers trained on the stage throughout Wake the President’s set. Such fastidious attention would typically be seen as overzealous outwith the upper echelons of Glasgow’s musical hierarchy, but the local four-piece seem to be revelling in their burgeoning recognition. Their set at tonight’s New Breed event proves not only to be an occasion to showcase new material, but also to show that their recent renown is more than deserved.

The set begins with a slew of new material, pushing their shimmering jangle pop in new directions. They open – bravely – with a medley, ‘Something to Turn Up/Professor’, which begins as a shy, meandering ditty before shifting into an ebullient, chiming stomp.

It is probably such literary and musical playfulness (along with a discernible penchant for C86 indie pop) that defines Wake the President: a willingness to wear their influences on their sleeve, but also to confound expectations. If anything is certain, it is that you can expect to hear more from Wake the President and when the time comes there should certainly be enough video and photographic documentation from tonight to go around.

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