Bis singer makes solo return

  • 10 April 2008

Manda Rin to release her 'DNA' in the summer

Sometime Bis singer Amanda McKinnon has announced details of a debut solo album on her website ( The album, which will be released under her Manda Rin alias, is entitled 'My DNA' and is due this summer on This Is Fake DIY Records, as is the first single DNA.

The full tracklisting will be:

  1. DNA
  2. Typeface
  3. Bad Thing Happen To Bad People
  4. Guilty Pleasure
  5. Do the Static
  6. The Word Out
  7. Break-up/Breakdown
  8. Love To Hate You
  9. No Language
  10. Less Than Zero
  11. Black Book
  12. Bruises

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