Kate Winslet refuses to set personal goals

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  • 18 November 2015
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Oscar-winning star Kate Winslet has revealed she doesn't set personal goals because she fears she will "disappoint" herself

Kate Winslet doesn't set personal goals because she doesn't want to "disappoint" herself.

The 40-year-old actress has enjoyed a hugely successful career in Hollywood, winning numerous awards for her on-screen performances, but has revealed she resists the temptation to set specific career targets.

Asked what she'd still like to achieve, Kate said: "I don't have specific personal goals. I think that if you set yourself up to achieve something, then inevitably you won't achieve it and I'm just not the kind of person to want to unnecessarily disappoint myself.

"I think my goal in the next five years is to keep working and to play lots of different parts that are challenging and interesting to me."

The Oscar-winning star is a veteran of the movie business, but remains appreciative of the opportunities that come her way.

She told Elle magazine: "After 23 years in the job, I am very fortunate to say that I do love it still feel challenged by it. Not everyone can say that."

Kate - who recently starred alongside Michael Fassbender in 'Steve Jobs' - also revealed she's open-minded when it comes to deciding which roles to accept.

She said: "There's never really one specific thing that I look for in a script. It could be another actor, or a director, or sometimes it's just the character.

"With the dressmaker and Steve Jobs, it was a combination of all of those things coming along at the same time."

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