Adele regrets lyrical hurt

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 November 2015
Adele at the BBC

Adele at the BBC

Adele is being more guarded about her lyrics because she has previously "hurt" people with her openness

Adele regrets "hurting people's feelings" with her lyrics.

The 'Hello' singer doesn't want to explain too much about the meaning behind the songs on her new album '25' because she thinks she was to "open" about the material on her previous efforts '19' and '21'

She said: "Last time no one was waiting to try and work out what my songs meant and I was so open about what they were about, I hurt people's feelings with that, a little bit, being so honest.

"Being a bit more immature then than I am now, you know, 'I don't care, you broke my heart' and I felt quite bad about that."

And the 27-year-old singer also wants to be more private for the sake of her partner Simon Konecki and their three-year-old son Angelo.

Speaking to Graham Norton for her upcoming TV special 'Adele at the BBC' - which airs in the UK on Friday (20.11.15) evening - she said: "I've got different things going on now, I have a family and I'm a lioness and I want to protect them, and I also want people to interpret these songs how they want to, rather than me shoving it down people's throats, 'This one is about the time I punched him and then went running off down Oxford Street...' "

During 'Adele at the BBC', the chart-topping singer performed a number of her classic tracks and some new material, as well as chatting with Graham and even showing her comedic skills in a hilarious yet touching sketch.

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