Rhea Bailey happy to swap Los Angeles for Coronation Street

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  • 18 November 2015
Rhea Bailey

Rhea Bailey

'Coronation Street' actress Rhea Bailey has revealed the unusual set of circumstances that led to her appearing on the soap

Rhea Bailey has no regrets about swapping Los Angeles for 'Coronation Street'.

The 32-year-old actress - who stars as Kate Connor's lesbian fiancée Caz in the soap - has spent the past five years trying to establish herself in Hollywood, but ultimately landed a life-changing role when she was visiting her mum back in Leeds.

She shared: "I'd spent five years in LA and I'd come close to three life-changing acting jobs this year. But when they didn't land I felt I needed to take a break for the summer.

"I went to Bali for a month and on the way back to America I went via Leeds for my mum's 60th birthday.

"But then my agent got wind I was here and I got a call to audition for 'Corrie', so I put my flight back and went for it. "Then I got a second audition, so I moved my flight back again.

"Then I got the part and haven't been home to LA since - so I've probably lost my flight money!"

The whirlwind scenario has meant Rhea's belongings are still in Los Angeles, but she has no regrets over how things have panned out.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Corrie is so iconic it's the kind of show where you just drop whatever you're doing.

"Though it means I'm staying with my mum in Leeds and all my clothes and my car are in LA.

"All I have is a backpack with flip-flops and shorts. I can't wear that in November in Manchester!

"So I've been to Primark to buy lots of cheap stuff - and I'm currently wearing my mum's cardigan.

"But it's all been worth it and I'm seeing the adventure in it. It was huge fortune that I happened to be in the UK at that time and I'm absolutely made up."

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