Nathan Sykes wants Disclosure collaboration

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  • 17 November 2015
Nathan Sykes in Fiasco magazine

Nathan Sykes in Fiasco magazine

Nathan Sykes would love the chance to work with dance duo Disclosure on a song

Nathan Sykes wants to collaborate with Disclosure.

The former Wanted star - who recently released his second solo single 'Over and Over Again' - likes to keep his fans guessing about his musical direction and he would love to "surprise" them by working with the chart-topping dance duo, brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence.

He said: "I like to surprise people, I think I'd really like to do a collab with a dance producer like a Disclosure ... I think it would be a really cool departure."

The 21-year-old singer also admitted that 'Over and Over Again' was his way of telling former beau Ariana Grande - who he dated for four months in 2013 - how he felt after their split.

He told Fiasco magazine: "I wrote 'Over and Over Again' to tell someone how I really feel about them, because I'm really bad at doing it in person" he laughs. "I'm really quite shy most of the time, maybe 80 per cent of the time I lack confidence talking to 'some' people."

The pop star previously admitted that the song and much of his record is about the 'Love Me Harder' singer.

He confessed: "The time we broke up was really tough. The Wanted decided to take a break and I lost my granddad. I was not in the best place. She was my first grown-up relationship. But sometimes you have to go into a place like that to be able to find the best music out of it. The most emotional song is about me telling myself not to be angry at the break-up because sometimes things just don't work out. That's life."

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