Book Week Scotland: Top Scottish authors on Twitter revealed

Book Week Scotland: Top Scottish authors on Twitter revealed

JK Rowling / credit: Andrew Montgomery

JK Rowling, Irvine Welsh and Ian Rankin all feature on Scottish Book Trust's list

In an age where to tweet is human and to trend divine, having a significant social media following is generally considered to be a good thing. Now, in advance of Book Week Scotland, the Scottish Book Trust has published a list of Scotland's 50 most influential novelists on Twitter, so now we all know who can hashtag like a champion.

Topping the poll is JK Rowling, which comes as no surprise: Harry Potter's enormous popularity aside, her profile is full of some absolute gems, including this time she had a spiffy back and forth with Robert Galbraith (aka, herself).

Second place goes to Limmy, comedian, author of Daft Wee Stories and general Vine king. Here's a good one for yeh.

And in third place, there's Irvine Welsh, who isn't shy of an opinion or two. I mean, just look at what he thought of Twitter's new heart system.

The SBT's full list is as follows:

1. JK Rowling (@jk_rowling)
2. Limmy (@DaftLimmy)
3. Irvine Welsh (@IrvineWelsh)
4. Ian Rankin (@BeathHigh)
5. Dr Brooke Magnanti (@belledejour_uk)
6. Neil Mackay (@NeilMackay)
7. Mark Millar (@mrmarkmiller)
8. John Niven (@nivenj1)
9. Alan Bissett (@alanbissett)
10. Estelle Maskame (@EstelleMaskame)
11. Val McDermid (@valmcdermid)
12. Cameron Stewart (@cameronMstewart)
13. Jenny Colgan (@jennycolgan)
14. Tom Gauld (@tomgauld)
15. John MacKay (@RealMacKaySTV)
16. Rob Brown (@RobBrownAuthor)
17. Gillian Philip (@Gillian_Philip)
18. Kevin Williamson (@williamsonkev)
19. Christopher Brookmyre (@cbrookmyre)
20. Sara Sheridan (@sarasheridan)
21. Ken Macleod (@amedlocke)
22. Elizabeth May (@_ElizabethMay)
23. AL Kennedy (@writerer)
24. Andrew Marr (@AndrewMarr9)
25. Philip Miller (@PhilipJEMiller)
26. Cat Clarke (@cat_clarke)
27. Neil Oliver (@Neil_Oliver_)
28. Louise Welsh (@louisewelsh00)
29. Aidan Moffat (@AidanJohnMoffat)
30. Kirsty Logan (@kirstylogan)
31. Denise Mina (@DameDeniseMina)
32. Pamela Butchart (@Pamela_Butchart)
33. Samatha Young (@AuthorSamYoung)
34. Kirstin Innes (@kirstininnes)
35. Emily Dodd (@auntyemily)
36. Kirsty Wark (@kirstywark)
37. Nicola Morgan (@nicolamorgan)
38. Colin Bell (@colinbell)
39. Julie Bertagna (@JulieBertagna)
40. Barry Hutchison (@barryhutchison)
41. Helen Grant (@helengrantsays)
42. Lin Anderson (@Lin_Anderson)
43. Matt Bendoris (@mbendoris)
44. Kerry Hudson (@KerrysWindow)
45. Charles Cumming (@charlescumming)
46. John Gordon Sinclair (@jgs_x)
47. Tony Black (@TonyblackUk)
48. Viv French (@fivekingdoms)
49. Peter May (@authorpetermay)
50. Douglas Jackson (@DougWriter)

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Book Week Scotland

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