Christmas Food Q&A: Bruce Devlin

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  • 25 November 2015
Christmas Food Q&A: Bruce Devlin

Comedian Bruce Devlin reveals his Christmas food tips and penchant for chutney and cheese

I'm planning a Christmas meal and want to offer a couple of unusual twists. What would you suggest?

Do Nigella’s rare rib of roast beef with her fail-safe roast spuds and port and Stilton gravy. If you’re going trad, then cook the big bird in an immersion bath of water and spices. I'm a cheese fan so I will be incorporating some blue or sharp cheese in my red cabbage. I love red cabbage with Stilton and apple, it’s just delicious.

It's Boxing Day and I've got half a turkey uneaten. Any recommendations for some legendary leftovers?

Go with a curry and have a break from festive fare. However, I insist you leave enough of the meat and stuffing to have a huge sandwich for breakfast, with cold roast tatties with salad cream. Oh, I’m salivating!

Which dishes on your Christmas/December menu do you most like cooking? And which least?

My fave is Nigella’s goose fat and semolina roasties! If you don’t like cooking, get to Marks & Spencer – a mate of mine does that every year; all she does is heat up the pre-prepared bird and trimmings, leaving more time for gin.

What do you reckon is the most undervalued ingredient in the seasonal/Christmas repertoire?

That would be turkey, cooked well it’s delicious and holds a delicate flavour so can deal with strong flavours in sauces.

I fancy giving food items for presents at Christmas. Any suggestions?

Chutney is so easy and folk love it. Remember, Christmas is the season for cheese!

Which new kitchen gadget would you most like to find in your stocking? And which food item?

That would be a KitchenAid mixer, and cheese please. But from Valvona, Mellis or Harvey Nichols.

Bruce Devlin hosts The Stand Christmas Special, Edinburgh, Mon 14–Sat 19 Dec.

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