Louise Thompson thinks she'll marry Alik Alfus

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  • 16 November 2015
Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson has confessed she thinks she will marry her boyfriend Alik Alfus despite them currently living thousands of miles away from one another

Louise Thompson is convinced she will marry Alik Alfus.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star admits she and her American boyfriend have talked about tying the knot and raising a family, but she still feels too young.

She said: "We actually do [talk about marriage and babies] - more so recently.

"His dad is quite keen to have grandchildren and I want a big family.

"I still think at 25 I'm too young, but I don't think I'll be with anyone else. I'm sure we'll get married, but then our children will be really small."

And the brunette beauty doesn't know where she and Alik would raise their family.

She said: "I would like my children to go to school in England but Alik wants them to go to his school. I guess it will be where we work.

"I'm willing to make sacrifices.

"I have cousins who live in New York with children and they have a great time."

Though Louise is planning to move to the Big Apple to be with Alik next year, she is already having doubts.

She told OK! magazine: "That's the plan for the beginning of next year but I change my mind quite a lot.

"Every time I see a picture of someone in New York, I'm so jealous and it's the only other city in the world I would live in.

"But my friends, family and work are here - I'd have to find something to do."

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