Matt Healy slams Justin Bieber

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 November 2015
Matt Healy

Matt Healy

The 1975's Matt Healy has criticised Justin Bieber saying his songs are about "nothingness" and do nothing to "inspire" people

The 1975's Matt Healy has slammed Justin Bieber for singing about "nothingness".

The pop star has criticised the 21-year-old singer, saying his chart-topping single 'What Do You Mean?' doesn't "inspire" anything.

He said: "That new Justin Bieber song - 'What do you mean? When you nod your head yes but you wanna say no' - can we stop talking about girls who don't know what they want? Can we stop talking about nothingness? No one's asking you to inspire a revolution, but inspire something."

The 'Chocolate' hitmaker continued to be vocal about his dislike for the musician - who recently released his new album 'Purpose' - confessing he was a "w***er" to him last time they met.

Recalling an album launch party he attended, he said: "I was a w***er to Justin Bieber. I think he tried to get me kicked out a couple of times."

And the singer also laid into indie rock bands who pretend "they don't care", insisting he is unashamedly doing everything he can to be a star.

He explained to The Observer Music magazine: "I sometimes have a fear of wearing that on my sleeve.

"But there's no room for shrinking violets, not when everything's been done. The only thing my generation has left is to do things better than they were done before, and you can't do that if you want to be an indie band who pretends they don't care so they don't get judged on being s**t."

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