Kate Winslet can't believe Liam Hemsworth's age

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  • 13 November 2015
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet has admitted she can't believe her 'Dressmaker' co-star Liam Hemsworth is only 25

Kate Winslet can't believe her 'Dressmaker' co-star Liam Hemsworth is only 25.

The Oscar-winning actress stars alongside the Australian hunk in the new comedy drama film, and has admitted she struggles to comprehend the 15-year age gap between herself and her co-star.

Kate said: "Either I look good or he looks really f***ing old.

"He's ten years older than my daughter (Mia) who's doing her GCSEs, and I'm 15 years older than him.

"That's funny - he's a baby. He's very sweet, I must say."

In one scene in the movie, Kate had to take a tape measure to Liam's bare chest, and she admitted her co-star was a little anxious about the experience.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: "He was nervous about that. Terrified, really. It's nice to see a different side of the coin in terms of a woman getting to objectify the male torso. And he is good looking."

Earlier this week, Kate admitted her daughter was "jealous" she got to work with Liam on 'The Dressmaker'.

She said: "Liam is a lovely, lovely guy, much is made of how he looks and he's physically extremely beautiful but he's a fabulous chap and was really up for mucking in with the rest of us ... but my daughter Mia was extremely jealous, along with all of her friends."

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