Interview: Pam Ann – Biggest regret from time in the skies? 'Allowing economy pax on board'

Interview: Pam Ann – Biggest regret from time in the skies? 'Allowing economy pax on board'

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As Caroline Reid’s air hostess character takes flight on tour once more, Pam Ann tells us what could improve sky travel

Dubbed by Madonna as ‘cruelly funny’, Caroline Reid’s catty air hostess character Pam Ann has supported Cher on stage and played at an Elton John party.

With her often savage style of humour, this might have seemed something of a risk for such massive celebs with fragile egos, but Pam / Caroline takes all this stuff in her stride. As she prepares for her next round of flights (aka shows) around the UK, we managed to fire off a few questions which Pam shot back, in short, sharp style.

So, Pam, what's the one thing you'd change to make air travel better for a) the flight attendants; b) the passengers; c) the pilot?
a) Don't make eye contact with the pax; b) never ask for anything; c) take the cockpit door off and put in a beaded curtain.

What's been the biggest regret from your time in the skies?
Allowing economy pax on board.

Which movie has best represented what it's actually like to be aboard a plane?
Airport ’77 [that’s the one where a multi-millionaire's private 747 carrying a collection of priceless works of art is hijacked and crashes into an oil rig].

Finally, Pam, imagine it's 2085. What will the future's opinion be on how we get around the globe?
Emirates will own the world and we will be flying supersonic Emirates Concordes.

Switch to flight mode and enjoy her shows.

Pam Ann: Queen of the Sky is on tour until Sun 29 Nov.

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