Alan McGee: Half The World Away cover is 'rubbish'

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  • 11 November 2015
Noel Gallagher at Burnt premiere

Noel Gallagher

Oasis creator Alan McGee has branded the cover of the band's hit 'Half The World Away' that features on John Lewis' Christmas advert "rubbish"

Former Oasis manager Alan McGee has slammed Aurora's cover of their hit 'Half The World Away' in the new John Lewis Christmas advert.

Alan thinks the cover - sang by the rising Norwegian singer - is "rubbish" and hopes the songs creator Noel Gallagher has been awarded a hefty sum in royalties for letting them use it because it's so bad.

He said. "I think it's rubbish. I don't know what anybody else thinks of it, though. I'm pleased for Noel that he got his royalties, I hope they gave him a million quid but I thought actually it was rubbish."

Alan's comments come after Noel's former sister-in-law Natalie Appleton - who was married to his brother Liam until 2013 - praised the track after hearing it on the festive advert.

She wrote on Twitter: "Good morning Friday

"Love the new John Lewis @johnlewisretail advert... (sic)"

However, it could be a veiled swipe at Liam who didn't perform or write anything on the B-side of their 1994 single 'Whatever'.

Alan also revealed he's still on "good" terms with Noel and is supportive of his work.


1. The Prawn12 Nov 2015, 7:14am Report

Alan McGee has to say something hes had nothing to do since Oasis left the scene. Aurora is just starting up and idiotic comments don't help.

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