Five things you might not know about… James Acaster

Five things you might not know about . . . James Acaster

The Kettering stand-up and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee (times four) takes Represent on tour

1. Yet another comedy drummer?
They used to say that live comedy was full of medics (Harry Hill, Paul Sinha, Simon Brodkin for three) but now it seems that the skin-slapping drumming community is all over the genre now. Todd Barry, Al Murray, Dana Carvey, Matt Lucas and now James Acaster are more than adept with the sticks. Having quit the world of education to belt merry hell out of hi-hats in a series of bands, he turned his attention to comedy by attending a course run by the Kettering Volunteer Bureau.

2. Kettering you say?
Not universally known as a hotbed of comedy (unless you get your giggle-kicks from the likes of statistician Maurice Kendall, Baptist minister Andrew Fuller, Resident Evil actress Sienna Guillory and Hugh Dennis), Kettering is indeed the original base of Mr Acaster. He paid tribute to his hometown with online mockumentary, Sweet Home Ketteringa.

3. You wouldn't blame him if he felt paranoid
Acaster has the unenviable feat of having been nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award a record four times without winning. The most recent was last August with winner Sam Simmons referencing this scenario during his victory speech. Acaster's early Fringe career was marked by a three-act pub gig in 2009 completed by Nick Helm and Josh Widdicombe. They've done pretty well for themselves in the aftermath, too.

4. His comedy hero isn't strictly a comedian
Last October, Acaster told us that The Rock was his comedy hero. That's semi-retired pro wrestler The Rock.

5. His family are surely James' biggest fans
Papa Acaster once took it upon himself to take The List comedy editor firmly to task while both attended a Mike Wozniak Fringe gig. His beef appeared to be a glowing four-star review for his lad not being nudged up to five. Sometimes, comedy editors just cannot win...

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