Coronation Street cast set for Twitter ban

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  • 11 November 2015
Kym Marsh

Corrie star Kym Marsh

'Coronation Street' stars are set for a Twitter and mobile phone ban on set when new boss Kate Oates takes over from Stuart Blackburn next year to stop plot lines from being leaked

The cast of 'Coronation Street' are reportedly set for a Twitter and mobile phone ban on set to stop them from revealing plot details.

'Emmerdale' boss Kate Oates is due to take over from the soap's producer Stuart Blackburn in 2016 and she is determined to protect the show's storylines which means a social media blackout for the soap's top stars with phones banned from the set.

Top tweeters like Brooke Vincent, Antony Cotton and Kym Marsh will all be expected to tow the line and stop uploading photos or teasers or face punishments.

An insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "With any new incoming boss there will be changes and that will be the case with Kate, without a shadow of a doubt. The younger cast are in for a shock and they will be told to rein in their actions of posting stuff on social media when it comes to work and the 'Corrie' set. And if they think they will be able to take their phones with them when they are filming ... then forget it.

"Kate is a bit old school in that respect and doesn't like mobiles on set and she doesn't like Twitter snaps of stuff that is being filmed or planned because she doesn't think it's right to give anything away.

"While she was at Emmerdale nothing like that ever appeared - but she has been surprised to see what 'Corrie' stuff gets on the internet from the cast."

Oates will also clamp down on any form of leaking plot lines and will reportedly fire anyone she catches divulging secrets.

The insider added: "Another bug bear to her is the leaking of plot lines. Again, it never happened while she was at the helm at 'Emmerdale', and she hates that loads of 'Corrie' stuff is getting out before it's on screen. We've been told she will sack anyone who is found out talking about or giving out secret storylines when she is in charge."

It was recently reported that many of Corrie's top stars plan on quitting over the three-tier pay system in place.

Established stars such as William Roache, 83, and Michael Le Vell, 50, earn £250,000-a-year, while other major names such as Kym bank £100,000 per annum, however, newcomers get paid just £40,000 for 12 months' work.

A source previously said: "There are several other big names ready to jump ship ... A lot of established stars on the smaller money don't think it's worth the cash."

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