Five events at Previously... Scotland's History Festival

Five events at Previously... Scotland's History Festival

A quintet of activities to seek out at this year's Scottish history festival

Despite struggling to attract the kind of funding (and therefore attention) it richly deserves, Previously... Scotland's History Festival is still with us five years after its inception. Festival director and comedian Susan Morrison has scaled back this year's brochure to what she describes as 'a wee midget gem of a festival,' and its remit remains to explore the fascinating and complex world of Scottish history.

Here we've picked out a highlight for each day over it its five-day run in Edinburgh.

Writing Historic Fiction with Millie Gray and Andrew Nicoll
Authors Millie Gray and Andrew Nicholl discuss how they've brought history to life in their recent novels and the challenges of historic fiction.
Blackwells, South Bridge, free, Wed 18 Nov, 6–7pm

Scottish Women
Anne Harrower-Gray presents an alternative journey through the history of women in Scotland, vividly exploring the lives of sex workers, factory workers, grave robbers and more.
28 York Place, £4, Thu 19 Nov, 3–4pm

Hieroglyphs: A Very Short Introduction
Penelope Wilson takes a look at the ancient Egyptian script, some of which still poses a challenge for modern day cryptographers.
28 York Place, £4, Fri 20 Nov, 1–2pm

What Would Keir Hardie Say?
Socialist Keir Hardie founded the Labour party at the turn of the 20th century. Author Pauline Bryan considers what the man would make of today's era of austerity and privatisation.
28 York Place, £4, Sat 21 Nov 5.30–6.30pm

William Wallace
Graeme Morton reappraises the life and legacy of the Guardian of Scotland, whose history for many Scots lies strewn amid the fiction of Mel Gibson's Braveheart.
28 York Place, £5, Sun 22 Nov, 7–8pm

Previously... Scotland's History Festival runs from Wed 18–Sun 22 Nov at various venues in Edinburgh

Previously … Scotland's History Festival

Previously brings Scotland's history to life in a packed programme of talks, walks, tours, teas, activities, debates, exhibitions, theatre, comedy, art, photography, family history, film, open days and much more that will appeal to all ages.

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