Ezra Furman: twin set, pearls, rock & roll

Ezra Furman: twin set, pearls, rock & roll

Gleeful brilliance from the Chicago musician

This season, Ezra Furman has mostly been wearing twin sets and pearls with a slash of red lipstick, classic thrift store chic to match his gleeful plundering of rock’n’roll tradition, and to suit his fluid identity. Next season, it could be something else but for now Furman and his band The Boy-Friends can celebrate their arrival as the cool freaky gang everyone wants to join.

Furman hails from Chicago and has been making music for the past decade, but he only started to get somewhere when he stopped trying, and stopped hiding who he was. This summer he popped up on Channel 4 news talking about his ‘non-traditional gender identity’ and has freely admitted ‘I’m in a constant state of bafflement at a lot of things … I gravitate towards rock’n’roll as a playground where I can say anything’.

His current album Perpetual Motion People speaks out for the confused weirdos. Furman grew up on The Ramones and Green Day, and you can hear their gonzo influence in his short, sharp, invigorating songs along with the casual rock’n’roll brilliance of Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman and Bruce Springsteen and the garage bubblegum end of doo-wop, where every ‘sha-langa’, every ‘ooh-la-ooh-la-ooh’ brims with confidence. As you would, if you had made the album of the year.

Ezra Furman

Chicago musician and songwriter who performs and tours with his band The Visions. Furman's seventh studio album, Transangelic Exodus was released in early 2018.

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