Paul Stanley not bothered by gay rumours

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  • 9 November 2015
Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley has addressed "persistent" speculation that he is gay and says he no longer cares what people think because either way he is "proud"

Paul Stanley "doesn't care" if people think he's gay.

The KISS frontman has addressed rumours that he is homosexual and said it's "totally irrelevant" and even if he were gay he'd be "proud" of it.

He told New Zealand radio station The Breeze: "If I were (gay), I'd be proud to be whatever I am.

"As long as you're a good person, sexual orientation and stuff like that is totally irrelevant."

The 'Crazy Nights' rocker - who has a son with former wife Pamela Bowen and three children with current spouse Erin Sutton - also said he finds it "interesting" people misread his "comfort" regarding sexual orientation as something it's "not".

He added: "That being said, besides having four children, honestly, I never saw a guy where I said, 'Gee, that's a close second to a woman.' Honestly, I never looked and said, 'You know, if I can't have that girl over there, I'm taking the bloke,' you know what I mean? So that's always been really interesting - that some people can't find a way to take my comfort with sexuality to misreading it as something it's not.

"I more scratch my head at that. So that's always been something that was, and is, persistent. And I just kind of go, 'Well, the boys may not understand, but the women always did'. They got it in more ways than one!"

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