Triptych - Sebadoh



In mastering the lo-fi aesthetic at the turn of the 90s, Sebadoh did their part to keep the four-track recorder industry flourishing with a host of sparse, barely tuned DIY albums. Plus, in shaggy-haired Lou Barlow they had an unlikely style icon who made cardigans cool long before Kurt Cobain.

Initially emerging as an outlet for Barlow’s frustrations as bassist in Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh found themselves veering between louche douchebag guitar pop and raw, heartfelt ballads. Breakthrough Bubble and Scrape is probably still their most characteristic release, with tear-jerking lost-love opener ‘Soul and Fire’ giving way to the likes of another kind of jerking in self-love anthem ‘Homemade’ (‘I’m naked and loose when no one’s home,’ sings Barlow). And this reunion, the trio’s first since 1999 are sure to sound naked and loose.

Sebadoh play the Classic Grand, Glasgow, 25 Apr.

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