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They don’t do many gigs, so the fact that the Triptych bigwigs have managed to ensnare this Glasgow-based art rock gaggle for three in a row is really quite an achievement. Not to be outdone, The List tracked down hard-to-get-hold-of frontman and principal songwriter Danny Saunders, during a day at work with celebrated artist Jim Lambie, to talk about Correcto’s plans for the festival.

‘Well, this band is a bit of a revolving door,’ he giggles, ‘so who knows what will happen. Paul (Thompson, Franz Ferdinand) has left and Patrick (Doyle, The Royal We) has gone to New York for a few months, so at the moment we’ve got Jake (Lovatt, Uncle John & Whitelock) playing bass and Colin (Kearney, Bricolage) on drums. By the time Triptych happens it could be a completely different line-up but I like it that way; it keeps things fresh and interesting.’

Correcto’s self-titled debut, released earlier this year, is a modern indie classic, mixing blustery riffs with infectious melodies and clever lyrics. Saunders, who met the musical acquaintances involved in making the album through gigging on the local scene, initially went to art school to work principally in that field. However, it’s good to hear that he now has no plans to abandon his love of writing songs.

‘Everyone in Correcto is busy with other things but we want this to be a hobby and a relief from everyday banality rather than a chore. Music has never left me and I don’t think it ever will,’ he says firmly. ‘I feel much happier doing this than making art work because no one feels intimidated by it. Pop music is excellent . . . I think it’s the most exciting art form out there.’

Correcto play Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 25 Apr; Tramway, Glasgow, Sat 26 Apr.

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