Enya releasing first LP in seven years

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  • 9 November 2015


Enya is gearing up to release her first studio LP in seven years, entitled 'Dark Sky Island', on November 20

Enya is making a comeback with her first studio album in seven years, 'Dark Sky Island'.

The 54-year-old Irish star - who has sold more than 80 million records worldwide and has four Grammy awards from a career spanning over four decades - will bring out the LP on November 20 and the songs have been inspired by Roma Ryan's poetry about the island of Sark in the Channel Islands.

A statement about the record revealed: "Sonically, 'Dark Sky Island' is a collection that's both incredibly diverse and innately unified by the production: almost Spector-esque in its lavish, wide-screen multi-tracked layers of sound.

Enya reunited with couple producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma to make the album.

The 'Orinoco Flow' singer previously said of working with the pair: "Studios usually are a bit dark and a bit smelly but not our studio. It is actually on Nicky and Roma's grounds and they built it from stone, so it looks like an old church."

The album has taken three years to complete and Enya, Nicky and Roma had to work rigorously to finish it with some songs taking months to perfect.

Enya told the BBC: "Once I arrive at the studio, the focus is totally on music and we work from 10 o'clock to half five or six.

"Time is the important factor. We work on one song and then set it aside for two or three months. When you eventually go back, you can be a critic for a short time because it's new to you again.

"Is this arrangement working? Is it enhancing what the melody is about? Are the lyrics right? And sometimes we just take it all back to the melody again and start it all over again."

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