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The Royal We and Sexy Kids bassist, Multiplies synth wiz, Mogwai auxiliary, Flying Matchstick Men axe-smith, Graeme Ronald’s musical CV is impressive to say the least. But it’s as RememberRemember that Ronald has come into his own, spinning guitar loops and found sounds into densely beautiful compositions that suggest a post-rock Steve Reich.

‘I bought a looping pedal and it was a godsend to me,’ says Ronald of his favourite musical tool. ‘Whenever I have a melody in my head I just stick it right down with my guitar and instantly start imagining what other melodies and textures could complement it.’

RememberRemember currently performs as a three piece, with violinist Joan and saxophonist James. ‘I wanted to incorporate tones that just can’t be created with a guitar or a synth,’ Ronald explains.

The album he’s currently recording for Mogwai’s Rock Action label takes this idea further, with Chinese harp and mobile phone keypads added to the mix.

Ronald’s home-made props are always a highlight of gigs, so can audiences expect anything special for Triptych?

‘James has come up with an amazing idea for our show which I guess is the trick. It’s probably too large to fit up a sleeve though.’

RememberRemember play Tramway, Glasgow, Sat 26 Apr; Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sun 27 Apr.

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