No half measure, Scottish Ballet unleashes Wee Cinderella

Preview – Scottish Ballet’s Wee Cinderella

Potted version of Christmas classic for little ones

The running time may have been cut down to size, but everything else about Scottish Ballet’s Wee Cinderella is as big as it comes. Following on the success of last year’s Wee Hansel & Gretel, this year’s show will be an hour-long potted version of the company’s main production, with all the bells and whistles.

‘The audience isn’t getting half measures,’ assures Scottish Ballet’s artistic director, Christopher Hampson. ‘They get the full company with the full orchestra, because it’s really important to us that people get that experience.’

Hampson has taken the well-loved tale and given it a natural makeover, so now Cinderella’s transformation is brought about by silk moths, grasshoppers and spiders who spin and weave her dress and satin shoes.

Despite being an hour shorter than the full-length production, Wee Cinderella will still have a recognisable storyline.

‘It’s a condensed version of the main performance,’ explains Hampson. ‘So audiences still get the arc of the story. We focus on the garden scene where Cinderella’s dream comes true, see her at the ball when Midnight strikes – and then see the resolution of the story.’

Wee Cinderella

Scottish Ballet's Cinderella, specially adapted for younger audiences, performed by the full company and orchestra.

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