Learn to make your own craft Christmas gifts

Crafty Christmas

Nothing says I love you like some home made Christmas gifts. Here's some ideas to get you started

Let's be honest: more often than not, by the time you've bought the turkey, the tinsel and all the rest of the trimmings, you're skint. We feel your pain. If you're a little financially challenged this year, why not have a bash at hand-making gifts? Craft is making a comeback, after all. Here are some ideas to get you started, and if you don't feel like your skills are up to snuff just yet, we've also listed some courses at local craft shops and schools that will guide you through the process.

Hand-Sewn Advent Calendar
Sometimes, a Homer Simpson advent calendar from Tesco just won't cut it. Break with tradition and get creative, by making a fabric, hand-sewn advent calendar, with 24 pockets to fill with treats of your choosing. You can personalise the design, or even get creative with the concept in general: how about 24 hanging stars filled with personal messages? If you want some tips on how to do it, Cushie Doo run a course in Edinburgh, and the end product, as you can see, looks smashing.
Intermediate Sewing: Advent Calendar, North Queensferry Community Centre, Edinburgh, Sun 15 Nov, £48.

Wire, clippers and a jaunty pendant is all it takes to make a necklace these days, but there are so many options out there for industrious folk looking to gift their loved ones with fancy things. Local craft shops sell supplies for everything from earrings to bracelets, and there are plenty of how-to videos online to guide you through the process. If you prefer a more personal mode of instruction, however, the Makers Workshop offers a course for absolute beginners, with all tools and base metals provided.
Beginners Jewellery Making Course, Makers Workshop, Glasgow, dates vary, 6–8.30pm, £145.

Makeup and Wash Bag
If there's one certainty in this world, it's that come Christmas time, you will be inundated with various scented bath products from relatives you don't speak to for the rest of the year. So what we're saying is, a wash bag will come in handy, and a homemade one has something extra special about it. They're pretty simple to make – a little fabric, a little thread – but if you want some expert guidance, the Red Thread Studio in Edinburgh teaches a one-day course, covering everything from stitching seams to adding a zip.
Makeup Bag / Wash Bag One-Day Class, Red Thread Studio, Edinburgh dates and prices tbc.

Christmas Stocking
Stockings are one of the best bits about Christmas: giant socks filled with little treats, what's not to love? If you make your own they're extra special, and all it takes is a little ingenuity and some festive fabric. You can even embroider your own message on. D'aw.
Intermediate Sewing: Christmas Stocking, North Queensferry Community Centre, Edinburgh, Sun 6 Dec, £37.

Knitting and Crochet
Knitting is the new clubbing. Well, not really, but apparently Ryan Gosling does it, so there you go. Why not get out the needles and whip up a nice scarf or bobble hat for a pal this Christmas? If you feel like your purl needs some work, the Hands of Scotstoun club in Glasgow's West End meet weekly to work on a range of knitting and sewing projects, which they do for a range of charities both at home and abroad. So you can practice your craft and do some good, all in one.
Hands of Scotstoun, Heart of Scotstoun, Glasgow, weekly, Wed, 1-3pm, suggested donation £1.