John Lewis Christmas advert: Oasis fans react

John Lewis Christmas advert: Oasis fans react

Aurora's cover is Half the World Away from the britpop original

Another year, another maudlin, piano-led cover of a popular song: it can only mean that the John Lewis Christmas Advert has been released. This year, it's Oasis' 'Half the World Away' that's getting a heart-rending makeover, as it takes centre stage in the shopping giant's latest campaign, 'The Man on the Moon'.

The song, which was originally released by the britpop group in 1994, has been covered by Aurora, who sounds about as hauntingly sincere and meaningful as one possibly can when singing the words 'this old town don't smell too pretty'. She is accompanied by someone emotively tinkling on the piano, and the whole thing plays over a video of a wee girl who spies an old man living on the moon.

This isn't big JL's first time using a pop cover in their festive campaign. Last year's Monty the Penguin used John Lennon's 'Real Love' to tug at the heartstrings, 2013 had Lily Allen trilling along to 'Somewhere Only We Know', and in 2012 has 'The Power of Love', which was, wow, just so powerful.

We had a look on Twitter to see what some Oasis fans thought of this year's cover โ€ฆ

Some people liked it... โ€ฆ other's didn't.

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