Snow Pals: a talk with creator Lisa Keenan

Snow Pals: a talk with creator Lisa Keenan

Tron Christmas show for little ones celebrates the joy of friendship

Lisa Keenan was sitting with her little boy at a storytelling session when the idea came to her. Each week, she noticed, parents and guardians attending the Tron’s Tall Tales would encourage their young charges to ‘share’ and ‘take turns’ – just as she was with her own son.

As creator of the Tron’s Christmas show for younger audiences, Keenan realised that the making and breaking of friendships (which can happen in a heartbeat with young children) is a subject many will recognise.

‘I was interested in the rules children set up when they play,’ she explains. ‘And it’s all about following those rules – because when you don’t, they can go from best friends to absolute mayhem. And then, a few seconds later, they’re friends again.’

Keenan also wanted to avoid ‘sending a message that Christmas is all about presents’, so Snow Pals is billed as a ‘warming winter tale’ for 3–6-year-olds. Surrounded by white wool and wooden twigs, two friends learn the benefits of caring and sharing.

‘The friends live in a magical winter world,’ says Keenan. ‘But when they fall out, that world gets distorted and the snow stops falling. There’s no big answer – they don’t have to find a solution – it’s just about them being friends and saying sorry.’

Snow Pals

Two friends learn the importance of sharing and caring, in the Tron’s Christmas show for children aged 3–6.