NordDance features new urban dance from Scandinavia

NordDance features new urban dance from Scandinavia

credit: Paal Laukli

New dance festival fuses Scottish and Nordic hip hop

From Borgen to The Bridge, our obsession with Scandinavia shows no sign of abating. Which is just as well, because a brand new dance festival is banking on our love of all things Nordic extending to urban dance.

'We realise we're asking people to buy tickets to see performers they've never heard of,' says Morag Deyes, artistic director of Dance Base and curator of NordDance. 'But we have this connection with the northern lands that's caught people's imagination, so I'm hoping they'll have a sense of adventure – because the artists we're bringing over are amazing.'

Taking place over two nights, NordDance will feature hip hop talent from Scotland, including performances and workshops by Tony Mills (who co-created in Finland), Ashley Jack and Cultured Mongrel, plus four visiting companies from Sweden and Norway. Live electronic music, traditional folk dance fused with breakdance, and an exploration of hip hop's macho culture are all on the bill.

'It's fascinating to see how hip hop and urban dance is re-translated in countries that have nothing to do with places like Harlem or Brooklyn,' says Deyes. 'Hip hop in the Nordic countries is either very lyrical and poetic, or it's furious – and the fury lies in the women, not the men.'

Here's a little taster …

NordDance Workshops

Workshops with leading Scottish street and urban dancers and their Nordic colleagues from the NordDance festival. Booking is essential.

NordDance Festival

A brand new dance festival for Edinburgh, featuring two nights of hip hop dance from Scotland and the Nordic countries, programmed by Dance Base.

NordDance Quadruple Bill

A quadruple bill of contemporary dance from Scotland and Scandinavia. Skal (Pontus Linder and Olov Ylinenpää) explores macho culture within hip hop. Ashley Jack's The Unknown  uses dance and clowning to explore how differing personal stories shape our identity. Juck (Tarika Wahlberg, Cajsa Godée, Emelie Enlund, Shirley…

NordDance Triple Bill

A triple bill of dance from Scotland and Scandinavia. Without a Hitch (Tony Mills)  is a dark comedy about a B-boy crew. Juck  (Swedish for 'hump' - created by Tarika Wahlberg, Cajsa Godée, Emelie Enlund, Shirley Harthey Ubilla & Feyona Naluzzi) is about freedom of expression, sexuality, having fun and…

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