Classical music books for Christmas

  • The List
  • 27 November 2006

Mozart in the Jungle Blair Tindall Given the passion that runs through classical music, maybe it’s not surprising that American oboist Tindall should be able to write Mozart in the Jungle, a story of what might happen when young musicians find themselves landing in deeper college water than anticipated and all that can imply in sex, drink and drugs in the career path from there on. Perhaps not quite the book with Mozart in the title that scholars envisaged for the 250th anniversary year of his birth.

Richard Baker’s Classical Music Quiz Book (Wise Publications) But if it’s harmless fun you’re after in classical music, Richard Baker’s quiz book with 600 questions covering everything from Bach to Bernstein, and nothing at all dodgy inbetween, could be a pleasant diversion to aid the digestion after Christmas dinner.

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