Phil Collins would 'love' a Genesis reunion

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  • 5 November 2015
Phil Collins

Phil Collins

Phil Collins would "love" to have a Genesis reunion but only with bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, not the original line-up

Phil Collins would "love" to have a Genesis reunion.

The 64-year-old musician recently revealed he is coming out of retirement to return to music and has now admitted he is keen to get Genesis back together, but with Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks instead of the original line-up.

He said: "I'd love to do it but it puts a bit of a kibosh on it if I can't play the drums. There is no reason why the three of us can't get back together, though.

"We still get along, always have done."

However the singer and drummer has suffered nerve damage in his arm, limiting his drumming ability which could impact their live shows.

He explained: "The voice is alright, it hasn't broken yet. That's the main thing, considering a lot of people don't even know I play drums, I could get away with it. It would p**s me off because it's the reason I started doing this in the first place but I'm not sure anyone else would care."

The 'In The Air Tonight' hitmaker is also working on a new solo album but confessed he's nervous about the return.

He opened up saying: "Being away from it for a while, I'm not saying you get scared but you get used to not doing it.

"I've got little ideas on my phone. Every time I think of something I write it down. It's making that first move. It always has been, when you walk into a studio with a blank sheet, you think 'What am I going to do now?' But I want to do this. Why not?"

He also opened up about his songwriting session with Adele back in 2013 admitting he had no idea who she was when she reached out to him, even though she's won 10 Grammy Awards and sold more than 30 million copies of her second album '21'.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I'd never heard of her. Apparently I'm the only person in the world who can say that."

Phil Collins

The Grammy-winning singer performs his soft-rock hits.

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