Paul Nicholas: Sex symbol status was a hindrance

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  • 4 November 2015
Paul Nicholas in 'EastEnders'

Paul Nicholas as Gavin Sullivan in 'EastEnders'

'EastEnders' star Paul Nicholas believes his sex symbol status in the 70s and 80s hindered his acting career

'EastEnders' villain Paul Nicholas says his sex symbol status was a "hindrance".

The 70-year-old actor attracted a legion of female admirers when he starred in 80s sitcom 'Just Good Friends' and from his singing career, but thinks his handsome looks meant he missed out on more heavier roles as a younger actor.

Speaking to Daily Mirror newspaper, he shared: "It was a hindrance because people don't think you can do anything else. I had a pop career in the 90s with lightweight songs so I went out and sang in a lightweight way. People thought that was me, but it was me playing a character to tell the song.

"It's the same with light acting roles. I think you get more experienced as a performer and know yourself much better as a person. I'm able to move into more character roles rather than trying to be a sex symbol."

Paul - who first released music in the 70s - is currently playing back-from-the-dead character Kathy Sullivan's controlling husband Gavin Sullivan in the BBC One soap and he is delighted he is winning plaudits for his acting and not his looks.

He said: "Being older actually takes the pressure off me to some extent because I don't have to be attractive to play character roles."

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