The X Factor: Lauren Murray receives death threats

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 November 2015
Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray has revealed she and her fellow 'X Factor' hopefuls have been sent abuse on Twitter and some of them have even had death threats aimed at them

Lauren Murray has received death threats.

The 'X Factor' hopeful admits she and her fellow finalists have been shocked by the extreme messages they have received on social media.

She said: "People can be so mean on Twitter, they forget that we're all just normal people.

"A few of us have even had death threats. And we've had people send pictures of themselves cutting our names into their arms. It's horrible!"

But Lauren is doing her best to block out the nastiness.

She added: "I just try to tune it out.

"I've got a lot of lovely messages from fans too, so I just have to focus on that.

"[Rita Ora] told me not to listen to any of the negativity and focus all my energies on the competition."

And Lauren also revealed a sex ban has been imposed on the contestants by show bosses.

She told Closer magazine: "There is no one in the house I like. I'm single but I have no time for romance.

"You have to stay focused in this competition and not get distracted.

"There's even been a sex ban put on the house so that's a no go.

"I'm really close to the boys, but it's just friendship."

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