Adele unsure if she will tour

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 November 2015


Adele has confessed she hasn't decided whether she'll tour her new album because she's terrified of her throat being damaged, as it was during her last string of concerts

Adele is undecided on whether she will tour her new album.

The 27-year-old singer had to cancel UK and US tour dates in 2011 following the release of her second album '21' as she had to undergo surgery on her throat and is terrified it may be irreparably damaged if she heads out on the road again.

She said: "When I've sat down and thought, 'What can I do to bring something new to the table?' It was just like, 'Tour.' Because I haven't done it properly.

"If my throat goes, then I'll never be able to do a tour again.

"I'll be able to get my throat fixed again and do studio work, but do I want to do some-thing and then fail at it and be too scared to ever try it again?"

Although she has previously admitted to having terrible stage-fright, the 'Someone Like You' singer has admitted she would love to perform for people again, especially songs from '21' because she thinks she is "defined" by them.

She told Rolling Stone magazine: "Being defined by any record is a dream come true when you're an artist.

"It's like when I go and see certain bands -- not to name any -- and they don't play their f**king biggest hit? *****! That really annoys me.

"To the general public, it's not about your body of work.

"In most cases, it's about the song that reminds them of something in their lives. They take you into their heart."

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