Mack and Mabel: Michael Ball and Rebecca LaChance star in classic musical

Mack and Mabel

credit: Manuel Harlan

Tony Award-winning classic continues UK tour

Michael Stewart and Jerry Herman’s musical is a tale of romance, women tied to railway tracks, clean-cut heroes and moustache twirling villains. Based on real-life characters, Mack Sennett (played by Michael Ball) is a director of silent comedies and Mabel Normand (Rebecca LaChance) a rising star. As Hollywood makes films that would define an era, Mack and Mabel follow a personal dream.

LaChance finds it easy to account for the musical’s success. ‘It has a little bit of everything,’ she explains. ‘Slapstick comedy, romance, huge dance numbers, an incredible Jerry Herman score and a touching ending. We hope we have folks walking out having taken a whole journey with us.’

Despite the magic – LaChance enthuses about ‘the clothes: I have the greatest costumes, especially in Act II when Mabel makes her transformation to movie star’ – there is a serious undercurrent beneath the glamour. ‘Mabel paved the way to equal opportunities for women in the film world,’ she adds.

LaChance promises fun, too: ‘We've been lucky to have had an amazing audience response since our start in Chichester. You have fans of Michael, but the exciting part is that they love everything else about it. There's nothing more rewarding than a huge roll of laughter or the cheers during curtain call.’

Mack and Mabel

A new take on the Broadway smash hit musical, starring Michael Ball and scored by Jerry Herman. The story is based on the love affair between Hollywood stars Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand in the film industry's golden age.

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