Paradise Palms announces record shop and label

Paradise Palms announces record shop and label

‘You’re not going to find much above ground with Edinburgh Council so lacking in integrity, vision or enterprise but when you dig a little deeper you find a wealth of creatives, performers, artists, makers and musicians.’

One of Edinburgh’s newest and most exciting venues, Paradise Palms, has been making a name for itself since opening last year. Not only providing a quirky kitsch atmosphere, with good food and great drinks, Paradise Palms has also been putting on live music, club nights, poetry slams, book clubs and cabaret. We had a word with label boss Nikki Kent to find out more about their new endeavours.

What prompted all the new ventures at Paradise Palms?

Probably just an overactive imagination and restless nature. A lot of us have been travelling overseas for years and that always opens up new ideas or ways of approaching things so it’s nice to then bring those ideas home and rearrange them into something new – hopefully something that will interest people and maybe further inspire other new ideas and plans. Keep the wheel moving forward ya know?

Why did you decide to open a record store?

We’ve wanted to do it from day one but ran out of time, money and people. We’re very much about working with good people and hopefully bringing decent people together too. So when Matt came on board recently it was the perfect time with the summer just finishing. Plus our flatmates were getting pissed off with our record collections cluttering up the place so we needed to find a new storage solution!

Edinburgh's music scene is often placed second to Glasgow's – how is the scene flourishing here?

The scene in Edinburgh is pretty special when you scratch the surface. Sure you’re not going to find much above ground with Edinburgh Council so lacking in integrity, vision or enterprise but when you dig a little deeper you find a wealth of creatives, performers, artists, makers and musicians who either have always called this place home or have moved here and chosen to. It’s a mini mecca for creatives from all disciplines and they’re not moving here for the fecking Christmas markets or a tram system. The city offers a very supportive grass roots network, everyone helps each other and gets behind one another but they just don’t always have an opportunity to perform and everyone needs a little encouragement – after all, its easy to lose your confidence when very little is provided to support your craft as a legitimate enterprise. When Edinburgh Council wake up and realise they have a creative goldmine at their fingertips then get ready for a pretty big bang!

What kinds of music will you be featuring?

We’re pretty open-minded when it comes to this and what we’re focusing on initially is encouraging collaborations between young emerging artists and more seasoned producers and artists. We’re hoping this will give the new guys some extra skills and the opportunity to work in a new way. The more experienced producers will also gain a lot from working with new acts and new sounds. We’re really excited to hear what comes out from this, but we expect it to be bright, loud and tropical.

What can punters expect from the Paradise Palms record label?

Bright, loud tropical tunes that move your heart and feet! We’re a wee bit away from putting our first releases out though as we’re still in the very early stages. Right now we’re focusing on searching out interesting acts and performers and throwing some of our own curated parties – the venue is obviously very handy for that. We’re also encouraging the team to put on and promote shows of their own at the venue and also externally – the city needs new young promoters and event organisers who are not primarily centred around profit and it needs them as much as it needs a supportive local council.

How can musicians get involved?

Musicians or writers can get in touch through the website, Facebook page, direct to nikki[at] or even just pop into the bar with a smile on your face.

Are there any other exciting plans in the pipeline?

We started a wee Paradise Pines project at the end of the festival and took a coachload of artists, friends and family away to the woods to play for a few days. It was a wee test run for some writers camps we’re going to run each year. We’ll take a bunch of writers, musicians and producers away for a few days, dump them in a forest with some recording equipment, free-range meat, a box of veggies and lots of wine. Hopefully we’ll find the seeds to new projects, sounds and collaborations.

Paradise Palms

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