The 2015 Hot 100 in association with Blue Moon

The Hot 100 2015: 100–91

Neil Slorance, SQIFF, Joan Clevillé and Andrew O’Hagan among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2015

Since 2003, we’ve been compiling our annual list of Scotland’s most influential figures in arts and culture. Typically, this year’s Hot 100 list is a fine showcase of local talent – from film and TV stars to emerging comedians and theatremakers. Meet the class of 2015...

100 Elvis McGonagall

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

The man who has previously rhymed ‘cider’ with ‘al-Qaida’ returned to the Edinburgh Fringe with Countrybile. Offering a series of poems about the state of Britain viewed from his new residency in rural Dorset, the Bard of Dundee wore his tartan with pride. (BD)

99 Neil Slorance

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

The Glasgow illustrator and comic artist completed the fourth edition of Dungeon Fun, drew along with Eurovision, created the iconic Glasgow Comic Con poster, contributed artwork (including the cover) to the Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor comic and still found time for Bake Off fan art. (RMc)

98 Richard Gadd

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

An eventful Fringe month ended with Gadd having scooped an Amused Moose award for his latest intense and puntastic show: Waiting for Gaddot following hot on the bruised heels of 2014’s Breaking Gadd. A TV pilot is being filmed of this August’s hit. (BD)

97 Ox and Finch

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

credit: Stephen Robinson,
The go-to restaurant of the year in Glasgow, Jonathon MacDonald’s outfit stands out even in its progressive neighbourhood for its creativity, precise cooking (thanks to head chef Daniel Spurr) and poised confidence. A List Eating & Drinking Guide Newcomer of the Year winner back in April. (DR)

96 Mark Nelson

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

credit: Trudy Stade
With Older Than Jesus, the Glasgow-based comic cemented his reputation as one of the nation’s sharpest tellers of cheeky-if-bleak gags. He also appeared in So That’s What We Voted For? at the Assembly Rooms and a monthly satire show at The Stand. (BD)


The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

image: Dyke Hard
The Scottish Queer International Film Festival launched this year, and became Scotland’s first inclusive celebration of queer cinema. The programme offered a diverse look at LGBTI people’s lives, and featured more than 30 events over four days, including UK premieres, parties and workshops. Read our interview with programmer Helen Wright. (RM)

94 Sacred Paws

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

The tropical post-punk duo of guitarist Rachel Aggs and drummer Eilidh Rodgers released their long-awaited debut EP on Mogwai’s Rock Action records in March. They followed it up with a series of great gigs, sweeping audiences onto the dancefloor. (SS)

93 Andrew O’Hagan

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

The Glasgow-born writer earned himself a third career appearance on the Booker longlist with The Illuminations, a moving story which veers between Scotland, Afghanistan and Blackpool to cover war, homecoming and families. (BD)

92 Joan Clevillé

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

A former dancer with Scottish Dance Theatre, Clevillé made the bold move to start his own Dundee-based company this year. If debut outing Plan B for Utopia is anything to go by, his future in dance theatre is very, very bright. (KA)

91 Irvine Welsh

The Hot 100 2015: 100-91

credit: Jeffrey Delannoy
Notorious lothario Terry ‘Juice’ Lawson was given a novel of his own in A Decent Ride. Packed with filthy charm and characters old and new, it was a comic triumph with plenty of depth through its exploration of celebrity culture and the treatment of sex workers. (RMc)

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