Finney Cassidy left spellbound in Evermoor Chronicles

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  • 2 November 2015
The cast of 'The Evermoor Chronicles'

The cast of 'The Evermoor Chronicles'

Disney's rising Finney Cassidy is the 'butt' of the spells in the second season of 'The Evermoor Chronicles' as love rivals Tara and Bella get desperate for Cameron's affection

Finney Cassidy is the "butt" of the magic in the second series of 'The Evermoor Chronicles'.

The mystery adventure drama, about a group of teenagers who live in a creepy village near the English moors, has cranked up the spells for its forthcoming season and Disney's rising star - who plays handsome delivery boy Cameron - revealed he's the main victim.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Finney shared: "In the first few episodes I was under a love spell ... I'm normally at the butt of the magic. A spell is put on me on a few occasions which is good fun to play. Really good fun to play. We'll leave it there, but yeah it was really fun."

However 19 year old actress Georgia Lock - whose character Bella goes up against Tara (Naomi Sequeira) for Cameron's affections - hinted she's involved in making the magic.

Georgia revealed: "There's so much more magic in it for both of us. From the beginning, we're sort of caught up in the magic of Evermoor."

Meanwhile, the actors filmed in the village of Great Budworth in Cheshire and found it easy to "believe" in the mystery because of the great sets and stunning scenery.

Georgia confessed: "It is a very magical world but the fact that it's set in England in a real village, we used Great Budworth, verging on the north of England, it was so beautiful and quaint that you almost could believe that this village had magic."

Finney continued: "Especially with the sets this year. Sometimes you go to sets and it's a couch and a lamp but this set, they made sweet shops, they made school rooms. But they actually made them so you could go to school, you could work in the shop. I mean the tapestry room is a vast, massive room, it's not just a tapestry. You go in and it's that whole space that you see on camera."

'The Evermoor Chronicles' airs on Disney Channel from November 9.

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