Life on Marbs star Alex Weaver is pregnant

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  • 2 November 2015
Alex Weaver

Alex Weaver

'Life on Marbs' star Alex Weaver has revealed she's pregnant but was shocked by the news as she's been on the pill for five years

Alex Weaver is pregnant.

The 'Life on Marbs' star - whose relationship with Charles Martin ended after she cheated on him with 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Dan Edgar - was stunned to learn in September that she was 17 weeks pregnant because she has been on the pill for five years.

She said: "I [found out] when I was about 17 weeks pregnant. I'd just come home from Marbella. We finished filming at the end of July but I didn't realise until September.

"I started having a craving for dirty carrots out of the bag. It was only when I was speaking to someone and they said 'When my friend was pregnant, she was craving dirty carrots - it's the iron in the soil.'

"I spoke to Jordan [Sargeant] and she said, 'I think you should do a test.' Neither of us thought for a second I'd be pregnant."

The 19-year-old blonde has already had a DNA test to prove the baby, a boy, is Charles', not Dan's.

She said: "There was never any doubt in my mind it was Charles' as I knew by the dates.

"We both agreed it would be good to have the test to quash any rumours that may have circulated when it became public knowledge."

Charles has vowed to support Alex with the baby but she admits they considered terminating her pregnancy.

She told new! magazine: "There was a long period of time where it was a real struggle. We did consider an abortion, to the point where I actually went for a consultation.

"But when I got there, the reality of it hit home. I felt like a mum and got really protective. I couldn't cope with the emotional trauma.

"Charles saw that immediately and he didn't push. I know it probably wouldn't be his first choice, but now he's over the moon that we're having a little boy."

Alex is hopeful that she and Charles can rebuild their relationship eventually.

She said: "We aren't officially back together. It's going to take time for us to build trust again.

"I would love to say we'll get back together. He's the person I want to marry.

"He was always the person I wanted to have children with.

"For him, I don't know if that's on the cards. I hope so."

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