Danny Dyer's haunted house

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  • 1 November 2015
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer has claimed his old home was haunted and he recently moved house with his family because of it

Danny Dyer thought his house was haunted.

The 'EastEnders' star recently packed up and moved into a new home with his family because he was convinced his 19-year-old daughter Dani's bedroom was targeted by ghosts.

Writing in his autobiography 'The World According To Danny Dyer: Life Lessons From The East End,' which he penned when he was at his old address, he said: "I swear to God my house is haunted - even though it's a new build. I don't know if it's built on something weird or what but I'm sure there's a ghost in Dani's bedroom."

He added: "There is a weird feel to the gaff. I've had a couple of people stay over and sleep in that room and they've all said there's something strange about it."

And it's not just Danny who thinks the home is haunted as his co-star Danny-Boy Hatchard - who portrays Lee Carter in the soap - has claimed he heard knocking in the night.

Danny, 38, explained: "He left first thing in the morning because the room freaked him out. I asked him why and he said there was this knocking. Knock, knock, knock. I said it's probably a pipe but he went 'Nah, it weren't a pipe.' "

He added: "Dani was in there listening to music and heard someone shouting her name. Weird s**t and no mistake."

Danny also has daughter Sunnie, seven, and son Arty, two, with his long-time partner Joanne.

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