Sam Faiers to have sister Billie by her side during birth

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  • 1 November 2015
Sam Faeirs

Sam Faeirs

Sam Faiers has revealed she will have her sister Billie Faiers by her side when she gives birth to her first child in January

Sam Faiers wants her sister Billie with her when she gives birth.

The 24-year-old star is set to welcome her first child with partner Paul Knightley in January and has already decided she wants her sibling, who gave birth to her daughter Nelly last year, to comfort her during her labour.

She said: "With Billie's labour, I was the practical one and massaged her back the whole time, while mum held her hand and stroked her hair. It will probably be the same with my labour. And Paul is pleased to have some support with my mum and Billie being there."

And Billie, 25, is looking forward to watching her little niece or nephew make its arrival into the world in just 10 weeks time.

She explained: "It'll be my first time witnessing someone giving birth. I'm so excited. I'll find it hard seeing Sam in pain, but I'm on hand to make things easier for her."

Sam also claimed that although she saw how much pain Billie was in when she gave birth, she's not worried about experiencing it for herself.

She told OK! magazine: "Paul wants me to have a water birth but I'd rather play it by ear. I'm not scared about the labour at all - I'm going to try to relax and stay calm."

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