James Bay: I was inspired by Eric Clapton

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  • 31 October 2015
James Bay

James Bay

Chart-topping singer James Bay has revealed he would sleep listening to Eric Clapton as a child

James Bay would sleep listening to Eric Clapton as a child.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has revealed his award-winning career was inspired by the work of the 'Layla' hitmaker, who is widely recognised as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

James said: "I listened to this dad record because I was obsessed with everything Eric Clapton did after the first time I heard the 'Layla' riff.

"I was 11 years old when I heard this and at that age you don't care about cool. Unplugged was the next step for me.

"I wanted to be more than just an electric guitar player after that. It taught me a lot about simple and tasteful playing, I listened to it all the time. I played along with it, I'd go asleep to it, I'd play it to friends."

James also revealed he still has vivid memories of music and culture during his childhood days.

Recalling being a kid in the 90s, he told Q magazine: "I was 10 at the end of the '90s so I mainly listened to pop music ... what I remember from the time is people wearing lot sof primary colours.

"Massive jumpers with Umbro logos, very blue jeans, very white trainers and haircuts that looked like people had put a vowl on their head and chopped around the edges. And I remember Power Rangers!

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