October music releases: Reviews and where to buy

October music releases: Reviews and where to buy

Round-up of albums released in October, featuring John Grant, Mercury Rev and Iron Maiden

John Grant: Grey Tickles, Black Pressure (●●●●)
What we said: 'The length of an album spent with John Grant is an unforgettable experience, an immersion in equal parts misery, autobiography and enthusiastic mocking of the comedy of life.'
Listen to 'Snug Slacks'

Mercury Rev: The Light in You (●●●)
What we said: 'The recipe of strings, otherworldy choral harmonies and Donahue’s perfectly bittersweet, imploring voice is used and used.'
Listen to 'The Queen of Swans'

Keep Shelly in Athens: Now I'm Ready (●●●●)
What we said: 'Now I’m Ready's diverse and often complex structure hints at KSIA’s overall strength and promising future as a two-piece.'
Listen to 'Silent Rain'

Kowloon Walled City: Grievances (●●●●)
What we said: 'This is a stunning record – big, clean guitars, used as knives, not hammers, over a vicious bass bite and drums that hang and resound, full of anticipation, tension and release.'
Listen to 'Grievances'

Hurts: Surrender (●●)
What we said: 'It's music, make no mistake, of which Gary Barlow would be very proud.'
Listen to 'Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us'

Twilight Sad: Òran Mór Session (●●●)
What we said: 'Undeniably beautiful. While vocals have always played a crucial part in The Twilight Sad’s studio records, on this release they are thrust into the limelight.'
Listen to 'Last January'

Esmerine: Lost Voices (●●●)
What we said: 'There’s not a single moment on here that isn’t lovely, but for the most part it makes the soul simmer – only sometimes does it soar.'
Listen to 'The Neighbourhoods Rise'

Iron Maiden: The Book of Souls (●●●●)
What we said: 'They haven't rewritten the rulebook but on Book of Souls they've refined and honed their sound into near-perfect metal that dares to be truly epic.'
Listen to 'The Red and the Black'

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