Absolutely Fabulous to feature world-famous models

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  • 30 October 2015
Helen Lederer

Helen Lederer

Helen Lederer has confirmed the 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie is to feature some of the world's most famous models

The 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie is to feature some of the world's most famous models.

Helen Lederer - who's reprising the role of Catriona in the much-discussed new movie - has admitted the comedy will feature a number of famous faces in cameo roles, although she resisted the temptation to reveal names.

Helen - who was flicking through the film's script as she was talking - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think the names that have been suggested, I'm sure are true. You've got Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, and people like Kathy Burke and myself ... and then you've probably got some people who are, like, models.

"I'm saying the word models to be helpful. There's a bit of italics, underlined in that."

Kate Moss has already been confirmed for the new movie, while the likes of Kim Kardashian West and Cara Delevingne have all also been linked to cameo roles.

Despite this, Helen admitted she's unlikely to recognise many of the stars even if they do appear in the movie.

The actress - who is also close to completing, 'Having It', the follow-up to her best-selling debut novel, 'Losing It' - said: "My problem is that I won't know who anyone is ... I'm not quite so up. I tend to not be really be part of it.

"But oh god, yeah, there will definitely be famous people who serve the story."

'Losing It' by Helen Lederer is out now.

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