Purity Ring captivate crowds at London's Roundhouse

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  • 30 October 2015
Purity Ring at the Roundhouse

Purity Ring at the Roundhouse in London

Purity Ring captivated audiences at London's Roundhouse on Thursday (29.10.15) with an exciting show mid-way through their European tour

Purity Ring captivated audiences at London's Roundhouse on Thursday (29.10.15).

The electronic music duo - featuring singer Megan James and instrumentalist Corin Roddick - performed tracks from their latest record Another Eternity and wowed the crowd with a breathtaking lighting set-up to captivate the audience.

Framing the stage was strings of light bulbs which pulsated with the music, while Corin was surrounded by eight crystalline bulbs which flashed when hit in time to each song's chiming synth sounds.

The Canadian act have been making waves in the alternative electro scene since their debut album 'Shrines' in 2012 and have more recently been working with Nick Jonas on music for his next record, but they stuck to their trademark sound during their hour-long set, much to the delight of the hundreds of fans.

On stage, petite Megan proved herself to be an enigmatic yet entirely bewitching presence while her high-pitched child-like vocals showed no sign of strain as they whizzed through a series of songs including fan favourites 'Fineshrine' and 'Lofticries'.

However, minimal interaction with the crowd meant their set went from one song to the next with little time to pause, resulting in many of their tracks seeming to roll into one.

But this was fixed by the end of their set, as while addressing the audience before playing 'Stillness In Woe', she said: "You guys are rad. But I just want to encourage more crowd surfing and maybe this sounds the wrong time because this song's quite slow but sometimes I think it's really pretty to crowd surf to slow songs."

And while no-one else took her up on her offer, she leapt into the crowd during final song 'Begin Again', which she sang while being carried around the venue.

Emerging at the end of the track, she insisted: "I'm OK!"

Purity Ring's tour continues around Europe until mid-November.

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