Elizabeth Banks calls for gender equality

'Pitch Perfect 3' director Elizabeth Banks thinks Hollywood is reluctant to change

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks thinks Hollywood is reluctant to change.

The 41-year-old star - who's set to direct 'Pitch Perfect 3', after helming the second movie in the series - has become the latest big name to call for pay equality in the movie business, but she's insisted there first needs to be a desire to share power.

She said: "I find that human beings are not fond of change.

"Parity in Hollywood is going to require that those in power share a little bit of that power. And that requires a partnership with the men in our industry."

The 'Pitch Perfect' franchise has proven to be a huge commercial success and Elizabeth has claimed that such triumphs will help strengthen the case for parity.

She told PEOPLE: "I love telling small stories but I think we are in a moment where we need to convince the powers that be, the money, that we are capable of spending that money wisely and turning it around like I did with 'Pitch Perfect 2' - six times the budget of my film.

"Money talks and that changes minds really quickly."


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