Sherrie Hewson slams Michelle Keegan

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  • 28 October 2015
Sherrie Hewson

Sherrie Hewson

Sherrie Hewson has slammed Michelle Keegan after she refused to admit whether or not she'd had any work done on her appearance to insist she needs to be "honest"

Sherrie Hewson has slammed Michelle Keegan for not being "honest" about whether or not she's had cosmetic surgery.

The former 'Coronation Street' actress recently spoke out to insist it's her business and no one else's if she's gone under the knife but 'Loose Women' panelist Sherrie thinks it's irresponsible of her to let young girls think her looks are natural if they're not.

She said: "Well I think if she did it, you've got to be honest. Absolutely honest. If you're on television, you've got to be honest.

"I've always been honest about everything I've ever had done and whether you think I look worse now or better now, that's up to you, but the thing is I'm honest about what I have done.

"For me, I think if I've had something done and I'm in a magazine, I should tell people and say, 'Yes, I've had it done'.

"You see people like Michelle Keegan, who is a role model for thousands of kids out there, and they go, 'Oh, her lips have changed', and she's saying, 'I've not had anything done', that's a lie and I don't think you should do that."

However, Sherrie's fellow panelist Andrea McLean, 46, thinks it's up to Michelle, 27, if she wants to tell people or not.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women', she explained: "In the same way that you're entirely in your right ... You've been very open about your facelifts ... I also think that people are entitled to keep it quiet ... Michelle is a beautiful girl and it is up to her if she wants to tell anybody or not."

Sherrie, 65 - who revealed the results of her second facelift in August - refused to let the issue lie and continued to reiterate her point.

She added: "Everybody is sitting at home watching people on tele or looking at magazines and thinking, 'Oh my God, they look amazing', and the paranoia that brings alone ... If you knew that those people had had something done to look like that you'd go, 'OK, that's fine for them but at least I know that that's not real and I can feel OK about myself'. I think it's awful."

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