Coronation Street: Audrey and Ken's romance being 'delicately done'

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  • 28 October 2015
Ken and Audrey

Audrey Roberts and Ken Barlow

'Coronation Street' actress Sue Nicholls has revealed her character Audrey Roberts' romance with Ken Barlow is being "delicately done" so as to not disrespect the memory of the late Anne Kirkbride

'Coronation Street' actress Sue Nicholls says her on-screen romance with Ken Barlow is being "delicately done".

Sue's character Audrey Roberts is set to embark on a relationship with Ken (William Roache) just three months after his wife Deirdre passed away and she's revealed producers are being very careful not to disrespect the memory of the late Anne Kirkbride, who played Deirdre for forty years before she sadly lost her battle with cancer in January.

Sue said: "Everybody loved Annie, it was always a joy to be with her.

"But you've got to kind of think of the story - and I don't mean forget Annie. It's difficult because she was such a huge, huge character and so important.

"It's being delicately done."

The 71-year-old actress also admitted she hopes Anne would've approved of Audrey's romance with Ken.

According to Mirror TV, when asked what she thinks Anne would have made of them getting together, she confessed: "I don't know really.

"She was so professional. Annie just took whatever stories happened. She'll probably say, 'Yeah, go on girl. Love you...' "

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