David Mitchell – Slade House (4 stars)

David Mitchell – Slade House

The ever-imaginative author pulls off a peculiar plot majestically

What do you do when you’re visiting someone’s house and their garden starts to vanish?’ says Nathan Bishop during his visit to Slade House. Fans of David Mitchell may recall the set up from a story he composed on Twitter to promote 2014’s The Bone Clocks. This short novel grew from those tweets, and is set in the same narrative-splicing universe, where human souls and the concept of time are mere playthings.

Set over five days spanning five decades, each with its own protagonist, Slade House is a metaphysical haunted house tale that sees guests summoned to the house every nine years. From Nathan to seedy CID officer Gordon Edmonds and the tragic student Sally Timms, Mitchell has that rare ability to fully establish a character in just a couple of pages, and to vividly describe a world not confined by the laws of physics. His language and the tightly woven world he creates are equally enthralling.

There aren't many writers with his imagination or the ability to successfully pull off so peculiar a plot. He does it majestically.

Out now, from Random House

David Mitchell: Slade House

"At last! David Mitchell with all of his intelligence and linguistic dazzle makes his Cambridge Literary Festival debut. Worldrenowned author of ground-breaking novels such as Cloud Atlas, Number 9 Dreamand The Bone Clocks joins us on the publication of his latest spine-chilling and compelling novel, Slade House. A…

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