Five things you might not know about . . . One Man Breaking Bad

Five things you might not know about . . . One Man Breaking Bad

credit: Jay Hynes

Miles Allen takes his Unauthorised Parody across the UK

1. We all thought he was homeless!
In 2013, YouTube went crazy for a bearded and shirtless homeless guy in LA who was filmed doing spot-on impersonations of the Breaking Bad cast in exchange for a sandwich. It turned out that the chap throwing out perfect mimicry of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Hank Schrader, Saul Goodman and so on was none other than Miles Allen, an actor and voiceover artist looking for his big break.

2. And cramming 60(ish) episodes of the hit show into 60 (approximate) minutes was his route to the big time
Having debuted the show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Allen performed One Man Breaking Bad across the world including runs at the last two Edinburgh Fringes. He describes his Unauthorised Parody as a ‘love letter for all the fans who lived through the blood, meth and tears of the greatest television show ever made’.

3. The hardest thing is protecting his voice
Allen admits that when he’s on tour, trying not to talk too much offstage as well as drinking heaps of tea with lemon and honey are the only ways he can keep his own vocal folds from packing in.

4. It’s not all just about the New Mexico meth business
As well as all the Breaking Bad cast impersonations, Allen manages to get in a number of crowd-pleasing references to everything from Family Guy to SpongeBob and Lord of the Rings to Back to the Future.

5. He has an original response to hecklers
Allen will threaten to pop ricin in their tea. Maybe he is the danger.

One Man Breaking Bad is on tour until 28 Nov.

One Man Breaking Bad

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One man. Sixty minutes. Sixty episodes. Shedloads of knowledge. Miles Allen brings TV smash Breaking Bad to life, all by himself.

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