Keith Richards: 'No link between drugs and creativity'

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  • 26 October 2015
Keith Richards

Keith Richards

Keith Richards has insisted that doing drugs never helped him creatively and just kept him up all night "looking for the stuff"

Keith Richards says drugs "never did anything" for his creativity.

The 71-year-old Rolling Stones rocker - who has been open about his past drug use - insisted that the idea that illegal substances can provide inspiration is a myth and revealed he stopped using drugs because he didn't want them to become more important to him than the music.

Speaking to Kirsty Young on BBC Radio 4's 'Desert Island Discs', he said: "I have never felt it did anything for my creativity. It kept me up a lot at nights looking for the stuff.

"It was something that I had to stop because I realised there are experiments that go on too long. Some people can handle things and other people can't. If the drugs become more important than the music then you've lost the battle."

Keith also opened up about going on stage just two hours after his 10 month old son Tara died in 1976.

He said:""It was such a shock at the time especially... I'm getting a phone call in Paris and this happened in Geneva, and I thought, I'm going to go mad... unless I do this show tonight."

"If I just sit here with this idea, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe it was just a sense of self-preservation... it was a rough, rough thing. I had a feeling this is a show and I must go on stage. I'll worry and grieve and think about this all after the show."

The Rolling Stones

The legendary rockers, fronted by Mick Jagger, perform their recognisable hits from across the decades including Satisfaction, Paint It Black and Brown Sugar, as well as some surprises thrown in for good measure. Special guests in London on their No Filter tour include Liam Gallagher on Tuesday and Florence + The Machine…

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