Carol Kirkwood's date offers

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  • 24 October 2015
Carol Kirkwood

Carol Kirkwood

Carol Kirkwood has admitted viewers have been bombarding her date offers and love letters since she has appeared on 'Strictly Come Dancing' but she's not interested in romancing anyone at the moment

Carol Kirkwood has been flooded with date offers from viewers since she has appeared on 'Strictly Come Dancing.'

The weather presenter, 53, split from her husband Jimmy in 2012 following 25 years of marriage and, although she's been bombarded with numerous love letters, she's adamant she's not looking to romance anyone new just yet.

She explained: "I was married for a long time and I got married quite young so it's nice doing things I have the freedom to do now. If I want to go out to the theatre or go out with friends for dinner, I've got that freedom.

"Nobody has been setting me up on 'Strictly' and I'm not doing any online dating or anything. Sometimes you do get invited out by viewers but I don't know these people that are writing emails to me saying 'Let's go to dinner.' "

She added: "I'm very flattered that anybody would be bothered to do that but I don't know who they are so I'm not tempted to follow them up."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty - who has shrunk from a UK size 12 to a 10 - is pleased with how toned her curves have become since she started training for the BBC One show.

Carol - who is partnered with professional dancer Pasha Kovalev for the competition - told The Sun newspaper: "I'm a bit more toned. I'm particularly noticing it on my waist."

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